Advocacy is the process of guiding, supporting or acting on behalf
of another person or group of people in order to obtain the best
possible outcomes.

Advocacy can relate to issues which affect people as individuals or an issue which is affecting a number of people. Advocacy assists people to have their voice heard and to obtain their rights in relation to issues that affect them.

Advocacy is important to:

  • Address discrimination
  • Empower individuals
  • Provide community education
  • Increase people’s quality of life and rights

What do Advocates do?

  • Work in partnership with you to assist you to resolve a particular issue
  • Provide information and support to assist you with making informed choices relating to your circumstances
  • Inform you of your rights and responsibilities
  • Represent you when dealing with other service providers
  • Mediate and negotiate on your behalf
  • Encourage you to develop skills in self-advocacy
  • Listen to you without judgement
  • Refer you to other services as needed
  • Take issues to relevant authorities if necessary
  • Provide community education about particular issues


  • Remember to be positive, calm and clear on what you want
  • Collect all relevant information that may be needed to support your case
  • When advocating via phone, ensure you get the name and position of the person you are speaking with so you can follow up if needed
  • Don’t always anticipate that there will be conflict
  • Don’t let yourself be intimidated by others
  • Don‘t turn advocating into personal attacks on individuals
  • Request that important issues and decisions are recorded in writing

Who is entitled to Advocacy services?

Anyone who feels that have been unfairly dealt with or who feel their issues are not being heard, is entitled to contact an Advocacy service. The services will then listen to your case and work with you to decide on the most appropriate action to take in resolving your problem.

Advocacy Services:

  • Regional Information & Advocacy Centre (RIAC)
    1800 221 944
  • Office of the Public Advocate
    1300 309 337
  • Seniors Information Victoria
    1300 135 090
  • Financial & Consumer Rights Council
    1800 134 139
  • Consumers Affairs Victoria
    1300 558 181
  • Health Services Commissioner
    1800 136 066
    Elder Rights Advocacy (ERA)
    1800 700 600 or visit
    LGBTQ Switchboard
    1800 184 527
    National Aged Care Advocacy Line 1800 700 600 (free call) or visit the OPAN website

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