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October 16, 2017
Nexus steps up to the challenge

The Nexus team are stepping up to this years Mitchell Shire Pedometer Challenge from 9 October – 5 November.

We not only support the health and wellbeing of the community but we are committed to looking after our staff. Taking part in the Pedometer Challenge is a great way for our team to not only lead by example, but to stay healthy and active as well. Twelve members of our staff are registered in three separate teams to see who can step up to the challenge.

The three Nexus teams are highly competitive and represent all levels of the organisation.

Introducing our teams:
1. teamNexus Executive – including CEO Suzanne Miller, Board Chair Paul Scown and two Nexus Managers.
2. teamNexus Leadership – including four Team Leaders.
3. teamNexus Community – including staff from our Community Services area.

Some rivalry and healthy competition has already been present in the early stages of the challenge. Keep checking for updates to see who the winner will be!

Which team do you think is going to step up?

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