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Self-Advocacy for Disability

A group is more powerful than one voice for change.

Self-Advocacy groups are for people with disabilities who come together as group to have their voices heard and support each other.

Our groups are for people with a disability or if you are a part of someone's life with a disability.

Would you like your voice heard?

You can be part of our group if you have a disability or are an important part of their life

Together, we can make your community be a better place for people with a disability.

We support the groups to become strong individuals and live the life they choose.

Self-Advocacy matters because you:

  • Learn to speak up for yourselves or in a group
  • Make your community a better place 
  • Change people’s attitude
  • Have a say in your lives
  • Protect your rights
  • Make your own decisions

Our groups meet every month. We sometimes do things such as: 

  • Talk to local members
  • Talk to local council
  • Work with Self Advocacy Resource Unit
  • Activities that teach the community about disability
  • Work with community groups 
  • Have a say on committees

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