Nexus Operating Principles

Nexus services are based on the following operating principles:
  • Nexus is a Non-Government Organisation dedicated to maximising the health of our communities. This means that any revenue we generate goes to ensuring the development and sustainability of services for our communities.
  • The Social Model of Health recognises that health is determined by the conditions in which people are born, grow, live and that these are shaped by the distribution of money, power and resources.The provision of health services without this context cannot provide optimal individual or community outcomes.
  • That there is equity of access to services regardless of where people live and their capacity to pay.
  • That service users are the drivers of their health care journey from prevention to treatment and Nexus is a partner in navigating this journey.
  • There is a focus on quality ensuring that services are informed by best available evidence.
  • Community involvement is at the basis of our work and obtained through proactive communication approaches.
  • A focus on creating public value through strategic alignment with key stakeholders such as policy makers, organisations, and users of the health system.
  • To be innovative in our use of technology and in the provision of sustainable and accessible services.
  • That services, information and advocacy represents the voice of our communities which has been collected through formal and informal communication methods.