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Nexus Workplace Gender Equality Report 2023-24

We are proud to announce that we are committed to gender equality in the workplace.

Dear Members and Friends ofNexus,

We are proud to announce thatwe are committed to gender equality in the workplace. Workplace gender equalityis achieved when people are able to access and enjoy the same rewards,resources and opportunities regardless of gender. Australia, along with manycountries worldwide, has made significant progress towards gender equality inrecent decades, particularly in education, health and female workforce participation.

As an organisation we must actin accordance with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012, this means that weare required to develop a Workplace Gender Equality Report that is submitted tothe Workplace Gender Equality Agency. We are proud to inform you that the NexusWorkplace Gender Equality Report 2023-24 has successfully been lodged.

If you would like a copy of thereport please email Nexus People & Culture at

 The aim ofgender equality in the workplace is to achieve broadly equal outcomes for womenand men, not necessarily outcomes that are exactly the same for all. To achievethis requires:

·        Workplaces to provide equal payfor work of equal or comparable value

·        Removal of barriers to the fulland equal participation of women in the workforce

·        Access to all occupations andindustries, including leadership roles, regardless of gender; and

·        Elimination of discriminationon the basis of gender, particularly in relation to family and caringresponsibilities.


For more information visit the Australian Government Workplace Gender Equality Agency.


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