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Family Violence - Children

Supporting children and adolescents who have experienced Family Violence. We also offer parenting support to primary carers.

Supporting children to overcome the impact of Family Violence and explore ways to increase children's safety through developing a safety plan.

We aim to:

  • Increase education about the impacts of Family Violence
  • Provide strategies that promote a safe home life
  • Provide strategies to optimise educational and social development (including emotional regulation)

We can assist you with:

  •  Advocacy 
  • Brokerage applications
  • Secondary consultation for professionals 
  • Community education 

Primary Carer 

  • Risk assessment and safety planning, which includes the child/ren 
  • Needs assessments and goal setting.
  • Parenting after family violence information and coaching.
  • Information about impacts of Family Violence in young people.
  • Assist with compilation of parenting agreement.
  • Helping establish routines and cooperation at home.
  • Monitoring and coaching regarding safety during access visits.


  • Providing Theraplay for the safe parent or care giver with the child.
  • Parenting support and strategies as needed. 

  • Providing strategies and counselling for siblings to get along well together.
  • Teach negotiation and communication skills.

School/ Kinder/ Child care

  • Providing strategies for education and care setting supports.
  • Education advisor supports centering on the effects of trauma and best practices to optimize positive and successful learning and social interactions.
  • Care coordination meetings/ liaison with other service providers.
  • Advocacy and program supports outreach to schools and education settings.

Group Work

  • “Tuning into Kids” - emotion coaching and emotional literacy training for parents of young children.
  • “Tuning into Teens” - emotion coaching and emotional literacy for parents of teenagers.
  • “Home Safe Home” - Parenting after Family Violence.
  • “Super Friends” - Social skills group for primary age children.
  • “Girls with Attitude” - Social skills for secondary school girls.
  • “Connect” - Social skills group for young people.


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