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Nexus Primary Health Service Update

Nexus Primary Health is committed to protecting our Clients, Communities and Staff.


Nexus Primary Health has continued to maintain services in various formats during the year despite the difficult COVID-19 situation. The Nexus team have been creative and innovative in their service delivery to ensure we can continue to deliver services wherever possible with the health and safety of all individuals as our focus. In adhering to guidelines, some of our programs have needed to be modified and some have continued via telehealth. With the relaxation of restrictions, we have been able to reintroduce some programs and look forward to being able to promote greater service offering in the near future.

Our Medical Clinic in Wallan continues to operate as usual, with increased screening and the option for consultations by phone or video conferencing if appropriate. The Wallan GP Superclinic continues to run the Wallan Respiratory Clinic on site for symptomatic individuals. This is currently a Monday to Friday and free, appointment preferred program. Bookings available through

Our Kinglake Ranges Medical Centre is also running symptomatic and asymptomatic testing by appointment. Please call 1300 77 33 52 for either clinic to make an appointment.

District Nurses continue to operate as normal with strict adherence to COVID safe guidelines and we are excited to be offering some in-clinic Nurse led clinics soon at our new Broadford site.

Our Community Support Services continue to be provided. Meals on Wheels or support in the home or maintenance support where necessary is available and we encourage anyone requiring support to contact us on1300 773 352.

Our Social Support groups and Walking groups will commence again shortly, and we encourage any individuals interested in getting involved to call our friendly Client Engagement team on 1300 77 33 52 or contact us through our website.

Our Alcohol and other drugs programs, Counselling programs and Family Violence programs for Men, Women and Children continue to run as normal, recently by telehealth, but we are booking face to face appointments again to run from all locations.

Counselling programs including Financial Counselling continue as normal including our HAY and Theraplay programs.

Adult and Children’s Allied Health programs also have continued to run in a modified manner however group exercise and walking classes will start up again soon.

Targeted Care Packages continue to run as normal within the guidelines.

Our office-based staff will start to return to working onsite but we will continue to run in a COVID safe manner with a mix of on site and working from home where it is possible. Additional screening, personal hygiene and physical distancing is occurring across all services and we are ensuring our staff are well before services are provided or before they come to work on site.

New referrals, enquiries and appointments can be made by calling and we will make an appointment or triage your call to the most appropriate service. The Nexus Primary Health team are looking forward to being able to get back to normal someday soon but can assist now with any service you may require.

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